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Our services cover all aspects of interior design, from surveying and licensing to site supervision, furnishing, lighting and decoration. If you wish, we can accompany you on this exciting journey from start to finish; whether for a house, a flat or a commercial space.

Interior design

We offer a bespoke service and design journey that is exciting yet seamless. We aim to exceed your expectations and ultimately deliver light, elegant interiors with a clean, minimal aesthetic and tangible connection to nature.


We offer an integrated approach that marries interior design with architectural services, given the two live in symbiosis. Close collaboration with architects throughout the entire design process ensures a work or living space that looks and feels delightfully cohesive.


From permit applications to your interiors’ final touches: we can oversee entire construction projects from start to finish. Our multidisciplinary team ensures that work is completed on schedule, within budget and to the highest standard of quality.


A wonderful mix of bespoke pieces and curated items will result in a collection of singular pieces that add texture and interest to your space. Unique furnishings that perfectly match your taste as well as the building’s location and architecture.


A cleverly thought-out lighting design is key when it comes to the flow, feel and atmosphere of a space. We can create a lighting scheme that not only works for the eye and sets the right tone but also completes an interior’s design and function.

Quality assurance


If you are looking for peace of mind and an assurance of quality, look no further. Our turnkey design solution weaves skills, vision and creativity into one integrated and comprehensive service. From an initial design stage, which includes imagery and sketches, to execution, furnishing and lighting, we can manage every step of your project’s journey. This means you can eschew time-consuming liaisons with designers and contractors and simply step straight into a flawlessly finished space.

Our collection of turnkey projects includes diminutive apartments and expansive country fincas, spanning the island from Palma to Pollensa. Get in touch with us to browse our expansive portfolio of enviable interiors.


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Angel Martin Interiors

Interior Designer in Palma de Mallorca

Angel Martin Interiors is an interior design studio located in the city centre of Palma de Mallorca, which designs spaces from the moment where concepts are created, up until the finishing touches.

Styles, textures, colours and shapes. At Angel Martin Interiors everything is blended together to shape each client’s dreams and make any dream, whether small or big, come true. We consider every client to be special and their project to be unique.

Our interior design projects are always an exciting and new challenge in which our imagination and inspiration run wild, in order to create personal spaces where our clients feel at home and want to spend their time.

The creative process of each project we manage goes hand in hand with our clients, whose ideas and preferences help us to shape each space.

At Angel Martin Interiors we strive for the recovery of architectural elements, as well as for the integration of original furniture and existing pieces with new ones, looking to create perfect harmony in the space.

From the very beginning of every project, we take care of every single detail in the design, in order to create spaces where our clients want to spend their time.